Japan (Narita and Tokyo)

Japan (Narita and Tokyo,)

My family and I were to visit Japan arranged by Komtar Tours & Travel agency. It was indeed a splendid and memorable trip whereby I would now like to share my traveling experience and perhaps give some insights about Japan and the various places that I have visited. 

Our journey started when we left our home for Penang airport to board the Cathay Pacific Flight. We arrived in Narita Tokyo Airport via transit through Hong Kong airport. When we arrived in Narita, there was typhoon therefore causing the long queue at the immigration whereby all flights were delayed. Lucky us that we arrived surpassing the typhoon. We then check into the hotel upon arriving in Narita, International Garden Hotel. 

The next day we went to Tokyo Disneyland. It was a full day fun in Tokyo Disneyland, with full day unlimited ride passport which offers 7 themed lands filled with fun and fantasy, adventure and excitement, and quaint reminders of bygone days. Everywhere you look, you will find that magical touch of Disney: from the exciting attractions and colorful entertainment on parade “moving on celebrating friendship & romance”. There are also taste-tempting menus for you to enjoy  and delightful shopping offering small & cute souvenirs like Disney jewelries, hair accessories, key holders and very interesting Disney cartoon container for Pop-corn. It is indeed a fun land for young children,  teenager and families. Nevertheless, we later departed to have our oriental course dinner and later stroll along Shinsaibashi Suji famous street for shopping.

After spending two nights, we then transfer to another hotel in Tokyo, Hotel Villa Fontaine ROPPONGI ANNEX for another two nights stay. We had breakfast which is provided by the hotel and later proceed to the Imperial Palace, the home of the Japanese royal family, surrounded by high stone slabs, there also stood the elegant Nijubashi or Double Bridge.  The palace was formerly Edo Castle. We then proceed to visit the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, the Sensoji Temple or also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple which means “Goddess of Mercy”, built and completed in 645 AD. Near the temple area there were many small souvenirs shop at the long & narrow Nakamise Avenue (Tokyo)  where one can also do their shopping there. We later proceed to Ginza district which is at the heart of Tokyo and the most exclusive and expensive shopping area in Japan. The next day, we visited Tokyo Odaiba Palette Town which is a reclaimed land known as the most popular leisure destination in Tokyo. We sailed on cruise and tour of Tokyo in a Water-bus, we managed to view a beautiful hanging bridge the “Rainbow Bridge”  which is built in the Tokyo Bay area. Venus Fort on the other hand is a classic European indoor shopping mall & Mega Web Toyota City Showcase, where we get to see the display all the latest models of the Toyota brand new cars.

We have already spend 5days in Japan, and there is still much more to it. On day 5, we check out and check into another hotel in another area, the Kai Resort Hotel. All of us are instructed to change into Yukata (Japanese Night gown) from the hotel room for our dinner at around 7:00 pm. It's my first time to experience hot spring bath or communal bath which is called “Onsen”. We were advised to wash clean before soaking into the pool of water. There are several mini showers and low stools for us to sit on next to the pool side when we do our washing. It was one of my memorable experience as well.

Indeed you must be wondering how do we take or where do we take our breakfast, lunch and dinner or even supper. As you can see, we have visited various places whereby you can find any shopping complexes or open air shopping area. This places are the easiest to find various kind of food that suit to one's liking. We usually had our meals either prepared by the hotel or nearby places when we are visiting those various places. It is never difficult to find food around Japan.

 The experience with family member in Japan (Narita and Tokyo) was indeed memorable with lots of laughing and fun throughout the trip. I must say that Japan is one of the best country I have visited whereby everywhere i go, it is all around technology integrated and the people are indeed very polite and nice. The only hard part is where we had difficulties in communicating with the people there. Nevertheless, most of them are quite affluent with basic english. Thus, language still does not serve as a barrier for us to explore and get to know their culture and lifestyle. There are still various cities and places that we have visited in which i will reserved it in another post.
Here are a list of places we stayed, shopped and some special highlights of the places we have visited.

Hotel (Lodging)
Special Highlights
International Garden Hotel.
Shinsaibashi Suji Street (Osaka)
Tokyo DisneyLand
Hotel Villa Fontaine ROPPONGI ANNEX
Nakamise Avenue (Tokyo)
Imperial Palace
Kai Resort Hotel
Ginza district (Tokyo)
Asakusa Kannon Temple

Venus Fort (Tokyo)
Tokyo Odaiba Palette Town

Mega Web Toyota City Showcase


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